Crypto Credential FAQ

Crypto Credential helps secure trusted, compliant and verifiable transactions on public blockchain networks.

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1. What is a Crypto Credential?
A Crypto Credential is an easy to remember, straightforward username to help users send or receive crypto currency instead of using complex blockchain addresses.

2. Why use a Crypto Credential?
Using a username instead of a blockchain address helps to improve and simplify the user experience and reduces the potential for errors when sending, receiving or storing crypto currency on a public blockchain network.

3. How does a Crypto Credential alter blockchain addresses?
Crypto Credential does not affect blockchain addresses. Crypto Credential assigns a username to the blockchain address that Lirium AG has assigned to you.

4. Does Crypto Credential charge a fee to sign up?
No, there is no fee paid by the user associated with registering for a Crypto Credential.

5. Is Mastercard involved in crypto transactions?
Mastercard is not involved in sending, receiving or securing crypto.
All digital asset transactions are handled by the exchanges.

6. What is Mastercard’s role?
Mastercard provides Crypto Credential to Lirium AG as a service provider. That means that Mastercard provides the service on behalf of Lirium AG, and uses the information collected through Crypto Credential as determined by Lirium AG and for the purpose of providing the service to Lirium AG . To learn more about how LiriumAG uses your personal information, please see Lirium AG ’s privacy notice/policies. Mastercard acts as a service provider on behalf of Lirium AG. To learn more about how Lulubit partners with Lirium AG to offer you crypto services please see Lulubit Terms and Conditions.

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